Stratys Consulting offers a broad array of tailored, high-quality services in bookkeeping, tax, and human resource solutions to international businesses and individuals in a variety of industries. We uniquely provide multi-national expertise for U.S. companies and individuals and foreign, multi-national companies conducting business in the United States, Asia, and Israel. Our business professionals can help you navigate through the ever-changing administrative and regulatory obstacles and challenges to ensure your company is efficient and in compliance with the latest laws, rules, and regulations.





Let our team of accredited personnel manage the financial transactions within your business, organizing everything down to the individual accounts so you can make better informed and organized decisions in the future. This entails purchases, sales, receipts, and payments made through the company.


International tax can be incredibly confusing; many times, it's what deters companies from expanding overseas. Let us provide you with a constant, connecting different tax rules and regulations so you can minimize risks, stay in compliance, and be tax efficient internationally.

Human Resources

HR is a cornerstone bedrock to any respectable and high-functioning operation today. We ensure consistency across departments while helping you to clearly articulate regulations, trainings, and best practices in your growing offices.


Stratys Consulting is an integrated international tax and human resources consulting firm with offices in the United States and Asia. Comprised of highly skilled and trained professionals who speak multiple foreign languages, we specialize in managing and simplifying our clients’ ever-growing bookkeeping, tax, and human resource needs for businesses and individuals in the United States, Asia, Israel, and additional international markets. Our aim is to reduce the complexities and uncertainties associated with international business. At Stratys Consulting, we believe good consulting services should:

To your goals and objectives to create meaningful change.
Essential, focus, and purposeful actions to achieve your goals and objectives.
Results should be measurable and consistent using proven strategies over time.


Stratysconsulting Accounting firm
Stratys Consulting employs a team of highly skilled, accredited, and trained professionals with varying degrees of education and work experience both domestically and internationally. Each of our team members have an undergraduate or graduate degree from top universities in the United States, Canada, and Asia, as well as having worked at public accounting firms and/or multi-national corporations. Through our combined experience, collaborative approach, and platform, we can help your business expand and scale internationally.




Stratysconsulting Accounting firm
Phillip Hsu is a certified public accountant in the United States and a proven leader with over 20 years of experience in tax, bookkeeping, and business development services. Whether leading the tax department, managing rapid growth through acquisitions, or transforming struggling divisions or companies, Phillip has consistently increased shareholder value by ensuring companies at various stages of development are in compliance with the latest laws and regulations, minimizing or resolving exposures and risks, and increasing profitability or liquidity by implementing sound and proven business strategies or processes.

Prior to founding Stratys Consulting, Phillip held a leadership position at a boutique private equity company assisting in the development and growth of the portfolio companies. His responsibilities included, but were not limited to, global restructuring of tax or business processes and procedures, mergers and acquisitions, and resolving complicated tax audits and controversies. Phillip also has in-depth experience at top accounting consultancies Arthur Andersen, Deloitte & Touché, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He holds a Master of Business Taxation from University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of California at Riverside.


Stratysconsulting Accounting firm
Richard Chau is a certified public accountant in the United States with over 12 years of experience working with public and private companies over a broad range of corporate tax issues. Richard has a Master of Business in Accounting from California State University,East Bay and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from California State University, San Luis Obispo. With his unique blend of practical industry experience and technical background, Richard has amassed an in-depth understanding of working with technology companies and their tax issues. He has led multinational, publicly-traded, high-technology companies through their intellectual property (“IP”) restructuring and implementation.

Richard also has extensive experience addressing the multitude of tax issues arising from the IPO process, from the early stages of seeking and obtaining funding from venture capitalists, to the initial public offerings themselves. Furthermore, he can discern what the IRS needs from businesses like yours, having served with the IRS Large and Medium Business division as an international tax examiner, auditing corporations on complex international tax issues. Richard focuses on minimizing and resolving risks and exposures through a pragmatic approach by understanding and considering various economic and resource constraints businesses to achieve their operational and financial objectives.


At Stratys Consulting, we are experiencing tremendous growth in the United States and Asia currently. We are looking for individuals who are dynamic, critical thinkers, and independent while maintaining the highest standards in professional integrity and client service. Whether you just graduated or are an experienced professional, your future starts here.

We are looking for entry-level Associates to join our team and get started with their professional tax, bookkeeping, and HR careers.
We are looking for Senior Associate candidates, usually with 2-3 years of experience at a top public accounting or consulting firm or multi-national corporation prior to applying.
We are looking for managers to oversee our departments, Senior Associates, and Associates while making real-time calls and recommendations to our clients’ executive team. Individuals with 5+ years of experience at a top public accounting or consulting firm or multi-national corporation prior to applying.
We are looking for top talent and industry-regarded leaders to fill our open Director roles. As part of the future of the company, these individuals will be versatile and dynamic, positive and energetic, and quick thinkers with a natural leading ability. Individuals with 10+ years of management experience preferred.





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